Application Methods

Once we have diagnosed the tree/plant, and determined the treatment threshold has been met, we need to determine the application method. A number of variables determine what tree care methods we can use in Lincoln, NE. These include but are not limited to: type of pest/stressor, severity of infection, environmental considerations, weather, and the time of year in reference to pest's life cycle. Simply put, we want to use the most effective product in the most efficient way to reduce cost and environmental impact. Here is a brief list of common application options:



Spray application to the foliage, generally used to treat or prevent insects and disease directly affecting the leaves. We can spray trees up to 75' tall under the right conditions. While these applications are effective, care needs to be taken not to apply in windy conditions. This can be difficult in Nebraska, and sometimes other methods are needed to ensure treatment windows are met.


This involves injecting concentrated doses of systemic pesticides directly into the vascular system. While there is some vascular wounding (generally less than 1% of vascular function) it is one of the best methods to apply products to large trees or in high traffic areas. In addition, we can ensure that 100% of the product is utilized. This reduces potential for environmental impact and increases the effectiveness of the treatment. Some formulas will actually last up to 3 years, further reducing the impact on the vascular system.


These treatments are similar to trunk injections in that they are injected into the root flares, directly into the vascular system. The difference being these are combined with relatively large amounts of water to aid even distribution. This is sometimes needed with certain fungicide or nutrient formulas to dilute the solution where it can be uniformly dispersed throughout the tree. This allows for higher doses and extended residuals.


Systemic product applied to the soil at the base of the tree generally used to apply insecticides or miticides for season long control without vascular wounding. The concentrated formula is stable in the soil profile and localized near the root flare using a soil injection system that can be calibrated to deliver precise dosing to the nearest milliliter.


This method combines the pesticide or nutrient formula with a bark penetrant to open lenticels in the vascular system and allow trees to be treated by spraying the lower 6-8 feet of the trunk, allowing for safe, efficient treatments with minimal environmental impact.


Specialized soil probe/gun system to inject fertilizer formulas, microbial stimulators, and mychorrizae inoculants directly to the tree's root zone. Powerful pump systems on the truck and delivered through up to 400' of hose allow variable injection pressures to offset compacted soil and provide and aeration benefit while administering the product.