Weed Control

Weed Control 1Weeds are the number one problem in lawns. These pesky plants not only disrupt the aesthetics of your yard, but some weeds can prove to be quite difficult to get rid of. Different weeds require different treatments for control.


Most herbicides used for weed control in lawns are designed to kill broadleaf plants. Your trees and shrubs are broadleaf plants, and knowledge of the herbicide being used is essential to protect your trees and shrubs. Even with the use of pre-emergents, weed source can be blown in and root in the thatch layer of your lawn, requiring targeted weed control throughout the season.

The best way to control weeds is to maintain a healthy, dense turf. This is done by improving the soil conditions, implementing a fertilization plan focusing on turf and soil, and employing proper lawn mowing and lawn watering practices. Weeds are symptomatic of deeper problems within the lawn and soil. Repetitive use of herbicides to control is a bandaid approach.


We approach weed control differently than most companies.

  • Two applications of pre-emergent weed control are applied, with different modes of action. This reduces the amount of post-emergent weed spray needed, reducing environmental impact and exposure.
  • We scout the lawn during each application and only spray weed control where the weeds are growing. This greatly reduces the amount of chemicals used and is safer for your kids, pets, and plants.
  • We believe that proper weed identification is key to successful control. Knowledge of the weed and how it reproduces enables our technicians to apply the right product at the right time.
  • We utilize BMP Weed Control (Best Management Practice). This simply means we will utilize the best product and safest application of that product for targeted control of weeds that pop up throughout the season.

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