Tree Care FAQs

Do you do free estimates?

Yes, within 10 miles of Lincoln. Beyond this radius there is a $25-50  trip charge, depending on your location.

What is an estimate?

The estimate is a written proposal detailing the work you’ve requested pricing on. The pricing on our estimates (proposals) will not change unless a variance is noted on your proposal. A free estimate includes: Level 1 Risk assessment, brief site visit to estimate costs, and a detailed estimate with site map.

What is not included in the free estimate?

Full site evaluation, tree/shrub identification/care walkthroughs, Level 2 & 3 Risk Assessment, soil/plant testing, diagnostics, etc. These services are available but we do charge for them given the amount of time and resources involved. View price listings.

Do I have to be there for the estimate?

No. In most cases our office staff will take your contact information and a few details on the work to be quoted. The arborist will stop by and contact you by your preferred contact method with any questions, and provide you with a detailed estimate outlining the scope of work, itemized pricing and a property map for easy identification. The proposal will be emailed to you.

Can I set up an appointment for the estimate?

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss the scope of work. Please understand, all estimates are done by our ISA Certified Arborists, and it may take a few days to work your appointment in to a time that works for both your schedule and ours.

We will take appointments Monday-Friday, 7am-6pm, and are willing to meet with you over the lunch hour. Please understand we will not take appointments on weekends or evenings as we spend this time with our families.

I have an estimate, how do I book the work?

You can accept or modify your proposal online using our online customer portal.  Your proposal will have the details. If you prefer you can call our office 402-476-8873 or email us (

If you prefer to call, our office is open from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, and Sarah or Tara will review the proposal with you, detail any special requests, and get the work on the schedule. Please understand, the office staff can give you an approximate wait time, but can not schedule a specific date. All the scheduling is done by the arborists as there are a number of variables that affect most jobs.

Do you match competitor’s bids?

No. When we provide a proposal, it is a representation of the time and resources needed to safely and efficiently complete the work you requested for a fair price. We believe our services provide the best value, and encourage you to compare the full scope of work to be done when considering competitors proposals.

Why is the waiting list so long?

Simply put we won’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Tree work is dangerous, and most should only be done by trained professionals. To ensure the safety of our employees, you, and your property, we will not put untrained personnel in the field. Sometimes this commitment to quality reduces the employees we can have in the field and consequently increases wait time. We will work to accommodate any special request or hazardous situation.

Is your company insured?

Yes, in order to maintain the certifications we have and to work within the City of Lincoln it is required. Please contact our office if you would like details on the policy coverage.

Are you the cheapest?

Probably not, but we are the best value. Because we are insured, educate and license our personnel, provide benefits, year round work for our employees, and maintain quality equipment, our costs may be higher than some other companies. However we are confident you will see the value through our experienced professional staff.

When is the best time to trim trees?

Most pruning can be done any time of year, although there are exceptions. Your arborist will detail any pruning restrictions as applicable. Dormant season pruning provides the least amount of stress to the tree and is advised if the tree is affected  by certain diseases or insects that could spread during the growing season.

Can you tell what is dead in the winter?

Yes, a skilled arborist can easily distinguish between dead and live limbs. In fact, dormant pruning allows the arborist to more easily examine the tree for structural problems and identify potential problems without leaf cover.

Do you take the debris with you?

Yes, we chip up the branches on site and haul away the larger wood. If you would like the mulch we will dump it on site free of charge. The work area will be raked and driveways, sidewalks, roof, gutters, & patio will be blown off and free of sawdust and debris.

What is involved with the stump grinding?

Our stump grinders are relatively small and light, self-propelled machines which access tight areas and gates that are at least 36" wide. Stumps will be ground 8-12 inches below grade unless otherwise noted. Specific depth varies according to grade, species, and accessibility. We can either leave the grindings (woodchips) in the hole or dig these out and replace with pulverized topsoil.

Can I plant a tree in the same spot I removed a tree?

In most cases yes, as long as the stump is thoroughly ground out, all debris removed, and replaced with quality soil.

Is there a certified arborist on every job?

We have 4 certified arborists on staff. This allows at least on certified arborist on site at every jobsite. All pruning is done by certified arborists according to ANSI A300 Pruning standards. For some small removals and stump grinding jobs there will not be an arborist, as there is no need and would only raise the price of the service.

What is the difference between a licensed arborist and a certified arborist?

Licensed simply means you have the permit to work in a particular city. Certified means that you have practiced under a certified arborist for a period of time before you are able to apply for the exam. Our arborists are ISA or NAA certified meaning they have a minimum of three years of field experience, have passed an extensive exam pertaining to all eight domains of arboriculture and are required to maintain credentials through CEU’S.

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